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LED Mask

Multifunction 4 in 1

Radio Frequency

Led Light Therapy Mask - Esthetician Equipment

7 LED colors with 7 different skin-loving benefits.

Hands Free full face mask

Remote controlled and timer for up to 60 minutes

Easy add-on or upgrade. Create packages or stand alone treatment.

 From treating acne and hyperpigmentation to cell renewal and soothing redness.

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Multi-Function 4 In 1 - Esthetician Equipment

Galvanic + & - for product penetration and desincrustaion

Ultrasound waves to reach cells for a deep cleanse

Micro-current for muscle training and facelifting effects

LED Light Therapy Blue, Red, Green and Yellow

Saves space in the treatment room. Up-sell and add-on to your services.

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Radio Frequency And Ems Machine - Esthetician Equipment

Radio Frequency - Stimulates Collagen and Cell Regeneration

EMS- Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

Increases circulation to targeted areas.

Vibration Massage to relax

Stimulates blood-flow and offsets "prickling" feeling in EMS and RF

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